Get ready for a world-class hair experience right here at The Chair, all
thanks to Mayke, one of our expert hairstylists and colorists. Mayke’s
journey in the world of hairstyling began at the age of 16 when she
embarked on a 3-year hairdresser’s course in college. However, it was
during her internship that she truly honed her skills.

Mayke spent three days a week working in a hair salon, gaining
invaluable hands-on experience while attending school one day a week to
complement her knowledge.
After earning her degree in Hairdressing, Mayke took the next step in
her career at the prestigious Amsterdam-based salon, “Het Haartheater.”
During her time there, she achieved her Redken color certification,
solidifying her expertise in color techniques. Mayke dedicated 4.5 years
to perfecting her skills there, enriching her experience, and building a
strong foundation in hairstyling and coloring.
What Mayke loves most about being a hairstylist and colorist is the
ability to make people happy with beautiful hair that perfectly suits
them. She has a keen eye for creating natural and seamless hair colors
that grow out gracefully.

Mayke’s passion for her craft is evident in every client she serves.
Originally from a charming village in Noord-Holland, Mayke always dreamt
of working in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. At 18, after two years of
dedication, she finally had the chance to move to the city itself.

Join Mayke on her journey to transform the hair industry in the
Netherlands. Experience the dedication, passion, and attention to detail
that Mayke brings to every client in her chair. Book your session today
and let Mayke elevate your hair to new heights.