Meet Rosa, our dedicated hairstylist and colorist who’s making waves in
the world of hair at The Chair. While Rosa’s formal journey in the
industry spans just over two years, her remarkable growth and expertise
showcase her unwavering commitment.

Rosa’s learning path has been one of hands-on experience in salons and
intensive training. She started her career at the esteemed Color salon,
where she embarked on her hairstyling journey. Under their guidance, she
honed her skills and laid the foundation for her career. Following her
time at Color, Rosa made her mark at the Haartheater, gaining valuable
experience that enriched her craft.

What Rosa treasures most about being a hairstylist and colorist is her
ability to listen and let each client’s unique personality shine.
Collaborating with clients, Rosa strives to create the perfect look that
aligns with their individuality while infusing her own expertise. She
finds immense satisfaction in the creative process and, above all, in
ensuring that every client leaves her chair with the biggest smile and
newfound confidence. In the words of a Dutch saying, “Als je haar maar
goed zit” (If your hair is good), confidence follows.

Born and raised in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam, Rosa’s
surroundings have shaped the person she is today. Her journey from a
novice to a skilled hairstylist reflects her commitment and passion for
her craft. Join Rosa at The Chair for an exceptional hair experience
that celebrates your true self.

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Soon online